This is a sample of the projects that I've worked on recently. Most of the sites where developed from scratch, though some were developed using a content management system, for the sake of my clients.

I enjoy working on new designs and surprise my clients with great ideas and new possibilities.

National Museum

App Concept

An app concept for the danish National Museum. The app is a way to optimize museum navigation, improve customer experience and open the opportunity, for a new marketing strategy for the museum. The app offers audio tours, custom tours, exhibit information, interactive museum map and an event calender. The App is an early prototype.

Backside Magazine

Online Magazine

An extreme sports magazine called Backside Magazine. Everything in it is pure fiction, and functions as a demonstration of a design I personally made. The magazine was made with the purpose to enlighten people about the different extreme sports around the world.

Racing Factory

Website, Catalog

I had the pleasure of creating the visual identity of Racing Factory, A danish racing team and company with a new and innovative take on sponsor services and motorsport events. I got to design both their website, catalog and brochures. A very exciting project, with some interesting challenges.

Karibia Travels


I got to design the online visual identity and website for the newly started travelagency Karibia Travels, An agency with exclusive destinations to Caribbean. A company which has happened to become very succesful in Norway and Denmark. My biggest project to date, with a lot of technical challenges to overcome.

Copenhagen Water Events

Website, Logo is a website created to gather all water events possible in the Copenhagen area, targeting tourists and conferences. A challenging project, supprted with CMS for the owners to update the site with new events. My first CMS project ever made. An exciting project to work on.

Plenge Nu

Logo, Brochure

An exciting project to be a part of. Plenge Nu is and event company, with clients like Microsoft and IBM. I have designed the Logo and a Brochure containing some of the products and services Plenge Nu offers. An interesting topic to design to.