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Backside Magazine

An extreme sports magazine called Backside Magazine. The name itself is based upon a freestyle trick rotation, and the fact that the magazine covers the backside view on the extreme sports world. Everything in it is pure fiction, and functions as a demonstration of a design I personally made. The magazine was made with the purpose to enlighten people about the different extreme sports around the world.

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The magazine is built with the values of a clean simplistic and elegant look, with a certain energy to it, where the pictures manages to express the main message, that the design is supposed to.


Bebas Neue - Headings
Bebas Neue is an uppercase sans-serif typeface. A very elegant and simple typeface, with clean lines. It is more compact than usual typefaces, which grants the text a certain energy, that goes well with the overall theme of the design.

Open Sans - Paragraphs
Open Sans is a modern, elegant and easy to read typeface. It is well optimized for web publishing which makes it great for an online magazine.